Just like an investor carefully studies the company or area where he or she intends to rest the finances on, in hope of a far greater return, online ad placement requires in depth study of a particular website, its ranking, subsequent traffic and competitor websites. You may also want to compare analytics with respect to both global and regional level and then decide whether your investment in the form of online ads is worth it. You can also figure out the duration and expected return of investment within the time frame. If you’re just interested in analytics, Google AdPlanner does not disappoint you but presents estimates of traffic statistics of the website in focus, while giving you a preview of the traffic distribution with respect to age, gender, location, audience interests and the respective affinity. Google AdPlanner is a powerful tool based on  GDN Research and customized media plans that encourage you to analyze websites and webpages by placement, for placement and audience planning. It not only provides you the data but also suggests suitable ad sizes that can yield maximum returns. Using both AdSense and Google Analytics, Google AdPlanner provides great insights to the world wide web for your benefit.

To begin using Google AdPlanner, you must first integrate your Google Mail account with this utility by providing the respective login details as well as the permissions required. Once you’ve cleared this step, you will be presented a well-organized feature-rich display with GDN (Google Display Network) Research tab highlighted. You can add a customize media plan by clicking the respective button at the right corner of the search bar. Simply input the website address you want to query and search by placement. The results will present to you of a clearer picture of the web traffic statistics which can be filtered according to the region of interest that can be selected from the dropdown menu below the thumbnail. It also highlights the content categories to affirm your ad relevance.

Google Display Network Ad Planner

The traffic statistics are segmented into unique visitors by region and worldwide while the ages and gender of visitors are also illustrated with respect to affinity. By viewing the Sites also visited list, you can view the most relevant and competitive websites to the one you are investigating. Enabling each will add the respective GDN entries to your media plan. The Audience Interests section is also a useful list of interest areas of the target online market for a better understanding of the potential visitors and viewers of your ad.

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