Looking for a tool that could help you in creating requirements and documents overviewing design for applications and software? In order to ensure that your design, whether it be applicable to a web page, smart phone app or a software, gets across to the UI/UX designers as well as the coding team, you must rely on feature-rich and user-friendly mockup and wire framing tools that enable you to fully convey your ideas on paper. Balsamiq is a resourceful and well-known application that allows you to achieve results in a manner that it is perfectly understandable by designers, product and project managers as well as the software developers. This means that you can finally spend more time in improving the actual layout and feel of the app being developed rather than being stuck at the very first step. Giving the process of creating innovative wireframes a realistic look, it ensures the retention of a sketch-like layout so that the focus remains not on the details but the concept on the basis of which new and improved mockups would come to life.

Developing new ideas requires an interface where elements and assets that are most needed are available at the most convenient place. Balsamiq for Mockups is a desktop application that installs itself on to your system with ease and loads, quickly to present a well-organized and feature rich interface. The essential and frequently used editing tools like edit, undo, cut, paste, delete, redo, search, lock and the like are organized and made accessible using buttons at the top pane. You can easily drag and drop a wide range of elements from the tabbed pane. The tabs allow you to access buttons, containers, forms, iPhone frame, Layout, Markup, Media and other Project Assets. Simply drag the mobile frame over to the main workspace and edit the properties. Once you’ve adjusted it to your desired layout, add in more elements that encourages the other to visualize what you want them to build upon. Dragging a cover flow and other forms in Balsamiq give out a sketch of what you want the application to look like and function, accordingly. The work can then be exported as a project file or even as a PNG. This can then be used anywhere and everywhere needed.

Balsamiq Mockups For Desktop -  New Mockup

Balsamiq has become an industry standard in information technology and software development. Its ease of use and experimentative environment allow you to make the most of what you have.

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