For those of us involved in any task that relates to the end user especially or even as a means of communicating ideas and reports to coworkers and bosses, it is essential to create visually attractive presentations that can easily keep the target audience involved without delving into utter boredom. Gone are the days when text-only presentations with a low, monotone voice would be considered sufficient in relaying ideas to others. In addition, with the internet penetration into our lives coupled with smart phones finding their way into the corporate’s pocket, the demand for an effective presentation creation and sharing solution has increased keeping in view new and innovative ways of presenting your ideas. Apart from having access on the go, a presenter often looks for that awe-factor that would impress anyone who goes through the work. Rvl (pronounced as reveal) is one such online tool that allows you to create presentations as HTML document with a few clicks and impressive templates and transitions. Furthermore, you can also export it as HTML code that can then be integrated onto websites or saved for offline use as a JS file.

It is recommended to go through the main website of Rvl so as to better relate to the use it might present for the tasks at hand. For web developers or even starters in the field of web development, this is a shortcut in create advanced sliders or presentations for the web without much knowledge of the code. Once you’ve made up your mind and are ready to try it out, click the Get Started button to initiate the experience.


To create a new account, you will then be presented by multiple options including Open ID, Google, Yahoo and AOL. After logging in to any of the account, remember to allow access to Rvl in accessing your basic email ID details. If you’re using your email address, remember to use an unofficial ID so that you don’t receive any unwanted messages on your personal inbox.

rvl - Sign In

After setting up a new username, you will then be presented with the option to create a new deck or presentation by clicking the respective button at the top right corner of the webpage.

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You can then create stylish presentations with all the usual features integrated with online content and publish it. Use the arrows at the top right corner to navigate to and from a slide.

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Once you’re done, you can either download the .JS file or copy the HTML code for future use or exporting.

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