Do you have a dull and a boring Windows desktop? Do you want to spice things up? The great thing about windows is that you can customize it to it’s limits. There are tons of tools that would let you change elements from the boot screen to the login page wallpaper. But, sometimes it becomes hard to decide which tool to use, and some quite frankly are plain boring. If you have been facing an issue deciding which tool to download and use to customize then you can use Rain meter. Rain meter is a free utility with a lot of support on deviantart which essentially will be the source of your skins and add-ons.

Rain meter is a small utility which loads up quickly and has not disappointed, yet. Once loaded, the tool will display stop widgets on your screen, you can add your own skins easily as well, just double click the installed skin and it will be installed in Rain meter.

How To Use

You are going to have to rely on your taskbar to change or add widgets.


on your taskbar, find the rain meter icon and right click. If you have installed your desired skin, just go to skins pane and add the element you like. You cannot apply the skin as a whole, you have to manually select the widgets you want to load and they will pop up on the screen. Dont worry, they are easily be repositioned, just drag the widget where ever you want.

Here is what my desktop looks like after 2 minutes of modifications:

My desktop

Above Setup

If you would like to get the setup like i have, follow these links to get the files.

  • Download Rainmeter from here.
  • Rainmeter skin “Encoded” from here.
  • Google search Add-on from here.
  • And you can get the wallpaper from here.

That’s pretty much it, and the modification are not hard at all. You can even edit the widgets your self, simple right click on the widget and select the option “edit widget”, the script will open up in notepad and you are ready to go. If you ever find yourself short on creativity, just jump over to deviant-art to download pre-customized skins.