Apple has officially released iOS 6.1 for the capable devices. The list includes iPhone 3gs to iPhone 5, iPod touch 2 to the new iPod and from iPad original to the iPad 4 and of course the iPad mini. The update had been in works for quite a long time and it wasn't even available to those who didn't bother coughing $99 for the developer release. Anyways, as it goes, the minor update is now officially out and if you were expecting a bucket loads of new features then you might be disappointed.

iPhone update iPhone update 2

Considering iOS 6.1 only a minor update one must keep in mind that it won’t carry any exciting new features. Ass apple released in the description, following are the revamped abilities of the OS

  • LTE support for more carriers.
  • Buying movie tickets using fandango via Siri (US only).
  • Downloading individual sags through iCloud.
  • New button to reset Advertising identifiers.

That sums up the features list for iOS 6.1. Yes, it isn't much, but we must look at the bright side. Muscle nerd, the guy famous for jailbreaks of iDevices tweeted that the jailbreak will be available as soon as apple makes the OS officially available, they did release the jailbreak, we will cover that in a bit. In the mean time, if you want to gt your hands on the new OS, download it from the links below.

Download Links for iOS 6.1