After extensive closed testing, the latest Firefox update 3.5.2 Beta (Build 1) is out which is even more faster and further fixes the security issues in Firefox 3.5.1.image

So why update to Firefox 3.5.2? Because it fixes several stability and security issues. Update 3.5.2 also fixes the image rendering problem and now images are rendering properly on all monitors/LCDs.

Even though you can update automatically within 48 hours but we would recommend you update now to save yourself from making any unintentional security compromise. Firefox 3.5.2 is not yet available for download on the Mozilla site but was leaked and ProgrammerFish’s readers can download it from:

Download Firefox 3.5.2



Firefox is now available for download at Firefox Page. If you don’t want to upgrade now then you will also be prompted to automatically update within 24-48 hours.