Photoshop is without a doubt the leading photo manipulation software. It handles the vector graphics with ease and has an overwhelming support throughout the world. While there is much support, the thing which makes it amazing is the amount of plug-in’s it support. Even the older versions of Photoshop get’s treated with dozen’s of treats. Each year, Adobe beef’s up the support and launches a suite, while the prices might be stiff, the users still prefer it over the much cheaper options. That is the reason why this struck us as a surprising piece of information, yes, Photoshop has gone free (limited time).

Before you get all excited, it is the CS2 version of Photoshop which has gone free. It seems as though that Adobe is finding it difficult to keep the activation servers up for old versions of their much popular software and hence this price slash. Admitting that the CS2 version is missing a lot of features from the current CS5, but as i mentioned earlier, the plug-in support and the community support will make you forget all that.

Another thing is that if CS2 has gone free, it will most likely remain free, and if the reason really is that Adobe no longer find it profitable, we can soon see CS3 version being free, now that is what we should look forward to – Great job Adobe.

Photoshop CS2

Despite the fact it is old, the CS2 version is more than enough to fill your graphical needs. It is a smart move from Adobe and it will only help to their cause in long term plans. The downside apart from it being old is that the version for MAC will not run on latest OS, you will probably need OS 10.2 to get it running on MAC, having said that, you will not face any issue on Windows.

Download: Photoshop CS2