Financial Management requires you to be vigilant regarding all sources of money from the moment an invoice is generated till you get a payment and maintain a record of it for later reference. From an individual to a family to large scale businesses, such principles of financial management, invoicing and tracking are of utmost importance. With startups and small businesses in mind, we realize a single point of constraint – money. Most invoicing and tracking tools and utilities require significant investment that may not be affordable by a startup at least during its nascent period. Express Invoice is a powerful invoice creation, tracking and sharing tool that allows you to benefit from its diverse feature set by generating invoices, quotes and orders instantly. You can then automate the process through recurring invoices and template while supporting multiple users and web access modes. Finally, you can print, email or fax these documents to the intended recipients for faster and more reliable payments. In addition, the advanced reporting options allow you to analyze and view the overall performance of both the finances and the human resource dealing with it.

To download the application, you must understand that there are various versions available for download. We tried and tested the free version that allows not more than 5 users to register. During the installation, we recommend you to remain attentive as the final step would attempt to install third party programs and toolbars. If you don’t want this to happen, please uncheck some or all of the entries as per your requirement. Click Finish to launch Express Invoice, immediately.

Installing Express Invoice Optional

The main window presents the main features like Create New Invoice, Apply Payment, Reports and Additional Options on the main space and detailed utilities on the sidebar. You can also access drop down menus according to the required need using the toolbar buttons and menus.

Express Invoice [ProgrammerFish]

To create a New Invoice, click the relevant button to fill the required details in a multi-tabbed window. You can specify the customer and billing details while the timestamp, salesperson and other properties can also be applied to the invoice. In addition you can simply click an entry to modify or change the quantity, item, description, unit price, tax and total while having the option to delete any entry when needed.

New Invoice - Express Invoicing

Once you complete the invoicing step, you can record it through a wide range of options like email, fax, print, and the like.

Record Option - Express Invoicing

We tested it on Windows 8. 64-bit edition while it supports Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Express Invoice