There is running away from the fact that a lot of use use torrent service in our daily lives. Most of us use it to download files to see if they are worth purchasing. Torrent service has been criticized and came under fire when SOPA took initiative. SOPA died but torrent’s lived on. Torrent’s aren’t essentially ‘catch free’, you can get heavily fined for downloading torrent files. The most annoying thing about torrent’s however is the concept of ‘seeding’ and ‘peers’. You have to have a steady number of seeds and peers in order to get your download started. There is another service that can replace Torrents, its called Usenet.

What is Usenet

Usenet is NOT a P2P service. it solely relies on a steady connection and newsfeeds. Newsfeeds contains articles and articles carry different categories of software's broadcasted to all Usenet users. It’s pretty straightforward, you don't have to go to torrent websites to get the file and begin the download. the client will do all of that for you.

The service is not free however, you might end up paying around $15-25 per month for the service, since it is being hosted somewhere by someone. The price isn’t huge though. You could end up downloading bulks of data through one place. Which reminds me of it’s one important use. Imagine you are setting up a new computer, all you downloaded free ware software have been misplaced. Instead of going to individual webpage – you could just use Usenet service to find them all at one place.

Which Usenet service is the best

As you would know, there are dozens of Usenet service providers out there. you can choose them on different criteria. The first thing you should look for is the price package. A Usenet service should not cost more than 20$ per month, if it is within that belt then you are good to go. Another keyword you would come across is ‘retention’. retention rates define the amount of time the server can manage to keep your uploads up. greater the retention better the service. You shouldn't settle for anything less than 300 – day retention.

Coming to the service providers. provides a great and affordable package. For around $15 per month, you will have access to Terra bytes of file just using their client. You can find more about it’s features and download’s at their page.

Usenet service is an excellent replacement for torrents. And if you are sick of waiting for downloads then you can fully utilize Usenet service. It is a download junkie’s dream. But remember, if you are downloading a paid software, use it just for assurance and always go for the legal download option.