Whether you’re organizing an event or throwing a party, despite having sufficient preparation, the power of nature catches you when it’s least expected. Months of effort can be turned to rubble if you forget to check the weather forecasts. On the other hand, for the common man, everyday life depends on keeping track of weather. Quite often you might go and get your car cleaned and washed. As you glance at the sparkly clean car in pride, the clouds rumble and the rain starts. On your way back home, the car is topped off by mud and dirt bringing a frown to your face. What if you had seen the weather forecast and planned accordingly? You would definitely have saved both time, money and above all your mood. On a more serious note, weather disaster alerts are always usual to heed in preparation for natural disasters like hurricane, storms, cyclones and the like. WeatherBug is an amazing weather forecast application that allows you to keep track of weather conditions on a second-by-second basis. This real-time access to information ensures accuracy and reliability that is offered by very few programs. With browser-less entry, neighborhood-level forecasts, enhanced interactive maps, DTAs (Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts), Live Weather Cams, MyLocation and Locations Summary, WeatherBug comprehensively offers an all-in-one solution to all your weather forecasting needs.

To incorporate WeatherBug onto your browser (hopefully you will have Google Chrome installed on your system), simply click the Add To Chrome button at the top of the window in the Chrome Web Store. After the installation completes, it is recommended to restart the browser and save information from any active tabs. The extension provides and attractive (colorful), organized and user-friendly display that highlights the weather information on maps at the left side of the interface while the daily forecast of your location on the right side widget along with DTA alerts below. You can add as many locations as you want and set up alerts for each. These are brought to view in the form of tabs with summary forecast, daily forecast and hourly forecast as sub-tabs for the location of interest. The interactive maps let you analyze weather conditions over the map including the ability to use live webcams that provide a more realistic feel of what it’s actually like on the ground. Rather than updating information on an hourly or daily basis, WeatherBug claims to be informed every 2 seconds.


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