Privacy is one of the topmost concerns of users in the information world. You would have photos, videos, documents and other files and folders saved on your hard drive as well as the portable USB Drive and you know one thing for sure: you definitely don’t want others to know about what exactly you have in store. Most of us want some privacy (ok, a LOT of privacy) with regards to personal information and data. To achieve this, users often tend to rename files and folders or encrypt and restrict access to them using various tools. In addition, the easiest and well-known method of them all, is to change the properties of a file and set it to hidden. None of these solutions guarantee the solution, you so direly desire so as to avoid those notorious and embarrassing situations. Wise Folder Hider is a powerful yet simple tool that hides files and folders stored whether they be on in-built drives or removable drives, effectively.

Wise Folder Hider is based on a double password protection methodology that implies that to unhide a file or a folder, you must first enter the primary password to access it and a secondary password to hide or unhide it depending on the situation you’re facing. As soon as you download and successfully install the application on to your system, you would see a simple main window for Wise Folder Hider that is organized in a manner that the top panel comprises of three essential buttons that highlight the scope of the service. In relation to hard drives, you can click Hide File, Hide Folder for a necessary operation while hiding a removal drive requires clicking the Hide USB Drive button. The first step, then is to select a file, folder or USB Drive and drag it over the space specified, thus, adding the selected data to be modified in favor of both privacy and security. The file list shown is highlighted in a listed form whereby Name, Lock, Status and Operation are prominent and evident to those that are relevant to this application. A Facebook Like button at the bottom left corner dictates its presence on the social media.

Wise Folder Hider

All in all, Wise Folder Hider is an easy-to-use application that only affects system performance to a negligible level. We tested it on Windows 8, 64-bit edition. It also supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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