You may experience the “uxcore.dll” file error in Windows 7 when you run an application or any of the Windows Live utility. I faced this error when I was opening the Windows Live Messenger. I Googled bunch of websites but didn’t found best solution to overcome this problem. After some trial and error I found the solution which is very simple and easy to do.

uxcore 1

Following are very simple and easy steps to fix this problem.

Go to>

C:\Windows\System32 (for windows 7)

and move the file named “uxcore.dll” to any other drive(recommended) or simply delete the file.

Then go to>

C:\Program Files\Windows Live\

and search uxcore.dll

if you find more than one file, then right click on each file, click on “properties” and check the Product version in “Details” tab. Copy the latest file and paste it in


Now close the drive, and run the application again that was causing the error. In my case if you are opening Windows Live Essentials, then the following option may come. Click Yes and sign in to your messenger.