Whether it’s getting in touch with friends and family separated by hundreds of miles in distance or may it be an office meeting on a serious agenda point, there is one need that is strongly felt by users across the globe regarding VoIP applications or take the most popular example, Skype. This need is the ability to maintain multiple sessions of the same application. Many offices, companies and businesses use Skype for collaboration in a manner that the entire workplace is connected with each other using Skype. If you need to share data and you’re connected to the same network, transfer speeds wouldn’t get any better. If you have a brief query to address and you can’t get up from your chair and navigate your way to the respective colleague, simply start a chat on Skype. But just like email accounts, Skype accounts also need segregation between personal or home and office or work contacts. You can create groups, no doubt, but a separate experience is what is usually needed. In this post, we highlight a light-weight application that allows you to effectively address this problem and maintain multiple Skype sessions using either your Skype or Hotmail accounts.

By managing multiple Skype sessions what we actually mean is that you can sign in to several accounts (since Hotmail, Windows Live or Outlook.com have integrated themselves with Skype, you can use any of them including the actual Skype account to sign in) so as to maintain several contacts level together (like Home or Office Skype sessions). In order to do so, all you need is a light weight free utility, Seaside, that will allow you to sign in to multiple accounts, simultaneously. A zipped file would reveal an installer upon download which would instantly configure the application on to your system. As soon as it executes, a simplistic window of Seaside Multi Skype Launcher will come to view where you can add multiple accounts by first selecting the Account type, username and password. Click Add to proceed or Delete if you want to remove an account. If you don’t want Seaside to be updated regularly, uncheck the respective option at the bottom of the window. The method may be very simple but the outcome is desirable in the sense that you can virtually access as many Skype accounts as you need with the same experience.

Seaside Multi Skype Launcher [1.01]

We tested this application on Windows 8, 64-bit edition, successfully.

Download Seaside