IBM’s collaboration platform that is based on cloud is finally out. Integrated social networking and online collaboration services included in Lotus Live makes work easier.


To spur innovation around the platform, IBM is officially launching LotusLive Labs, an R&D pipeline that combines the resources of IBM Research with Lotus. The venture is kicking off with a suite of new LotusLive technologies at the conference including Slide Library, a collaborative way to build and share presentations; Collaborative Recorded Meetings, a service that records and instantly transcribes meeting presentations and audio/video for searching and tagging; Event Maps, a way to visualize and interact with conference schedules; and Composer, the ability to create LotusLive mashups through the combination of the platform’s services. Project Concord will also debut as a web-based document editor for creating and sharing documents, presentations and spreadsheets. And IBM will be adding LotusLive support for the iPhone via Labs.

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If you’ve ever had the feeling that IBM’s Lotus product line seemed stuck in a timewarp, then today’s LotusLive announcements (release, TechMeme) coming out of the Lotusphere conference in Orlando may have your head spinning even more than the plotline of Back to the Future Part II. As if from nowhere, IBM is suddenly challenging Microsoft and Google to become the dominant force in SaaS collaboration, writes eWeek’s Clint Boulton. Where on earth did that come from?

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