The internet is so full of diverse information ranging from different sources and relating to unimaginably large number of topics, that to filter out specifics of the much needed area is more of a challenge. Using search engines may be a good idea, but Google may not allow you to sift out data and trends from the social media and blogs in a comprehensive manner. At first, this may not seem much of an issue but getting insights to this fast growing community and having the ability to traverse these diverse and opinionated landscapes can be of great value. For instance, assessing popularity of a particular news issue or an event can be easily translated to an analysis with the help of social media or the alternative connection to the wider society. IceRocket is a useful search engine that allows you to instantly search for keywords and areas of interest in various aspects like Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Images and the like. In addition, benefitting from the buzz drawn out by this utility, you can find out trending items and searches whenever needed. Gathering content, analyzing data and organizing it in a smooth manner can surely be made easier using IceRocket.

You might be well familiar of the term ‘trending topics’ in Twitter. IceRocket highlights trending keywords in the entire web which includes thousands of blogs, social media websites, image search engine and the like. Moreover, features like Video Buzz, Movies and Top Posts allow you to keep an eye out for interesting details prevailing in the media and opinion places. With each thumbnail, the number of fresh links are mentioned so as to help you assess the relevance and dynamic nature of the specific content and theme. The Top Searches box is a good place to access popular keywords which may help you in reaching the desired data set. To begin, simply choose your search preference (blogs, images or social media). Once you’ve made this selection, all that is required is to enter the search keyword and traverse the search results. You can also add your blog to the IceRocket directory by specifying the blog address at the bottom right corner of the home page.

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The Search results page is organized in a manner that the categories are displayed and available for selection on the left while the time frame (last 48 hours or last 24 hours) is highlighted at the top of the results.

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