Thief of thieves is a monthly comic book series published by Image comics’ Skybound, premiered in 2012. The comic centers on “Conrad Paulson”, a thief – who quits his business and begins a new life; stealing what other thieves couldn’t. Redmond plays the man character, where he quits his “business” just before his biggest heist, he begins a new career steeling from other thieves to make up for his previous mistakes, “He’s got this compulsion to steal, but he does not want to break the law anymore.” Thief of thieves depicts both sides of Redmond’s life: one as a thief with a young accomplice, other as his real name, Conrad Paulson, who has estranged wife and adult son.

The comic was an instant hit; the first three issues were sold out upon release; not only that, a television series of the comics is also in works by AMC. It is no surprise, comics often turn into video games – Microsoft Internet explorer 10 is teaming up with Image comics to create a web game version of the comic which will be represented in the new browser and windows 8 platform. As a player, you will make your own character, train him and make him the master of thieves stealing from other thieves. From what we think, it will be like those games on Facebook like “mobwars”, training, building a character, building a rap sheet and eventually taking on a heist.

From the screenshots and illustrations of the game, the graphics are inspired by the comic books with “sketchy” outlines featuring interactive puzzles which may employ multi-touch HTML5 and canvas functionality which is supported by all modern browsers, IE10 and windows 8 itself. The screenshot suggests that the game will be available “This fall”, we think it might be released along with official windows 8. Internet explorer is known to promote such titles, and they could really use the added traffic.

Speaking of generating traffic, IE team is doing everything, they are even working on a Web App store just like you would find on Chrome, and they are naming it “test drive” you can jump over to it here. Currently there are only a few applications available to test dubbed as “demos”. There are several games made with JavaScript that you can test, a few browser widgets and add-on scripts that you could use to enhance the experience.

The interface is quite basic, just plain white screen with application snippets on the screen, at the bottom there is an option to view more demos, tap it and you will be directed to another page listing different categories of applications – Speed Demos, HTML5 demos, graphics demos and browser demos are listed.

As judging by the looks of it, there is a-lot of work and polishing to be done to the IE market, it will take a lot of time to catch up with Chrome store, but it is a step in right direction, IE could really use some publicity, considering that the first three editions of the comics “Sold out” – many people will turn to IE to give it a shot, but in the end, publicity is not the only thing to be catered speed, reliability, user friendly UI and better webpage support is what will fix IE’s downfall.