iPhones are under attack! Who said anything coming from Apple is all safe imageNEVER needing any security software? Well that’s fast changing now indicating that hackers have now started to take Apple seriously. Before this, Apple always claimed that all it’s computing hardware is free from any kind of viruses unlike MS’s Windows which are all so vulnerable to virus attacks. Well, yeah, Apple was damn right but the reason was that no hacker ever took Apple seriously so as to even try to create a worm for it.

Things have now changed. iPhone users who have Jailbroken using OpenSSH are reporting a worm named ‘Ikee’ after it’s creator that sneaks into their Jailbroken iPhones and spreads to other users on their contact lists using Jailbroken iPhones. The worm doesn’t do anything harmful but simply puts up a wall papers of ‘Rick Astley’.

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But this has actually proved how vulnerable your iPhone becomes when you change the root password while installing OpenSSH and thus opens the way to anyone to penetrate your iPhone through a computer! It’s only a matter of time before we see more annoying and possibly damaging viruses penetrating iPhones!

OK, let’s admit that Apple has little to do with iPhones that have been jailbroken and thus relieving Apple of any liability BUT still, it shouldn’t be so easy to penetrate an iPhone!

There’s still no official word from Apple but we’ll update you as soon as there’s any explanation coming from Apple.