That is right, as promised, the Evad3r have released the jailbreak for iOS 6.1 for Pre A5 devices. The list includes iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4 and iPod 2,3,4. The jailbreak was released as soon as the OS was made public. But, before you get all excited, the jailbreak is tethered which means that if your device shut’s down, you would have to plug it into redsn0w and select “boot tethered” option. In addition to this news, the jailbreak isn’t compatible to the new devices i.e. the iphone 4s and iPhone 5 and the variations of iPad’s.

The news might strike the owners of the latest gadgets. But don’t worry, the evade3s team is hard at work and they reckon that the un tethered jailbreak is just a home run away. The new jailbreak will presumably work for the newer gadgets as well, which includes the iPhone 5 and the new iPad.


Steps: Jailbreak iOS 6.1

Step 1: Download Redsn0w (Windows | Mac)

Step 2: Download iOS 6.1 from Here.

Step 3: Open Redsn0w and head over to extra > Select IPSW.

Step 4: Now simply select the option to Jailbreak. Cydia will go through it’s process and. It will exploit your device and boot it by itself.

It is a reminder that it is a Tethered jailbreak. If you turn your device off, you would require the services of redsn0w again to boot your devices. For that, simply connect your device with redsn0w, go to extra’s and select “Just boot tethered” and redsn0w will guide you to put your phone into DFU mode, go through the exploit and boot your device again.

The untethered jailbreak doesn't seem far ahead. Hopefully by this Sunday we would have an untethered for perhaps even the latest devices. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed on this one.