If you’re interested in dealing with foreign currency or following the trends of a variety of currencies like the US Dollar, UK Pound Sterling, Euro among others, there are numerous options to fulfill this need. XE.com and in-built currency converter in Google might be what you really need on the surface. As soon as you feel a growing need to perform this operation, it is recommended to shift to a more personalized interface or utility which supports a huge database of currencies that can bring previous and current counts to view upon need. Currency Converter is a simple yet useful Chrome Extension that presents an easy-to-use and attractive user interface allowing you to calculate currency conversion figures while having the option to view trending rates as well as region-based Foreign Currency Cross Rates. You can select currencies of interest, simply by flagging them and adding them to your personalized space as highlights. By integrating with your browser, it eliminates the need to install a stand-alone application that could have used more memory and other system resources. Also, you can switch between tabs and get back to the Currency Converter as and when needed.

To begin using this tool, you need to click the Add To Chrome button on the top right corner of the floating window in the Chrome Web Store and preferably restart your browser and soon as the installation completes. Once you get to the main interface of the Currency Converter, flag the currencies you’re interested in. The latter flag is perceived as your target currency while the former is the source or base currency. With the flags set, punch in the relevant figure at the top of the screen to calculate to and from the two currencies and record the converted values. As easy as it seems, Currency Converter Chrome Extension has drawn in a mix of reviews where the majority of users appreciated the appearance and feel of the interface while some reported unease while switching between currencies. A search bar in this regard would surely take this tool to the next level keeping in view the simplicity of currency conversion provided by Google. If you’re unaware of this simply type ‘10 USD to PKR’ in the Google search field to get a converted value and a calculator at the top of the search results.

Currency Converter

All in all, Currency Converter is a customizable one-click conversion facility that allows you to recognize money for the better.

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