A week ago we reported that the famous installous rep shut down. It came as a shock to many user’s since they relied on it to get their daily dose of applications. Installous went down suggesting that the forums were being left un attended by the audience and was a bit of a hassle to keep them alive. Which was hardly the case because thousands of people participated in the forum’s daily. Anyways, we can’t bring it back, and since the newer iOS iterations are proving impossible to jailbreak, it doesn't matter much. But, you can’t keep everyone away from exploiting new loop holes and in result a new application has showed up on the scene named Kuaiyong.

Kuaiyong? Sounds unsafe

We cannot stress enough on how important it is to ‘Download’ paid apps from the App store. But still, many of us use application like these to see if the applications are worth it. Many of them eventually turn out to be scams. So, essentially it is a good way to test if an app is worth it. Anyways, Kuaiyong is a Chinese company which launched the application for desktop. The application is in Chinese language and you need a bit of luck to find your way through it.


The app interface is quite simple though. You search your apps on the top white bar and hit enter. The apps will show up and double clicking the download. What this application does is that it provides you with apps. And the reason for it’s tremendous success is that the usage does not require your phone to be jail broken. Which is a good source of news for iPhone 5 and the new iPad owners since the new OS is not even close to it’s jailbreak. Once the application downloads on kuaiyong, you connect your device and press install. Once pressed, the application will automatically transfer the app to your phone.

Yes, the method is illegal. You end up downloading and ‘Stealing’ Apps from the source. We advise the users to download the apps from the iTunes store. But, if you want to see if the app is worthy or want source of inspiration then this application is for you. As mentioned before, kuaiyong is in Chinese, but the developers are working to launch this app in English soon.