So, why do we use whiteboards? It surely gives us space to write on, spread our ideas on to the canvas and link them together while enabling the viewers to analyze the ins and outs of whatever is written or drawn on the whiteboard. Therefore, in essence, we’re referring to idea generation, mind mapping, sharing and collaboration. The dawn of the internet coupled with powerful search engines implies the fact that ideas have become far more accessible and relevant at the same time. The world yearns for new ideas and reward those who translate them to reality in the most effective and efficient manner. In addition, with globally connected corporate entities with diverse teams, the principle of collaboration is but vital. RealtimeBoard is an online whiteboard that lets you draw, write and link ideas and works-in-progress (mind mapping and brainstorming), add relevant media and links in an organized manner, share and collaborate with your team in a secure environment and integrate it with other tools like Basecamp, Trello and the like.

RealtimeBoard is an online utility that allows you to create customized boards enabling you to share, link and organize ideas, accordingly. Before signing up, we advise you to go through the user-friendly tour page (see link at the end of this post) that provides short yet useful tutorial videos as a glimpse into the service and its features. Once you sign up, you will be greeted by a feature-rich dashboard. Your account can be modified or enhanced with respect to information by clicking the Account button at the top right of the window. You can then create a new board using the highlighted blue button at the top left. After providing the respective details and configuring the newly created board, the four columns in the dashboard will allow you to remain updated about the activity around you. Recent boards, Active boards, Online friends and Last updates are the columns being referred to.

RealtimeBoard Main

In addition, you can draw shapes, add sticky notes and insert media on to each board for ease of access. Realtimeboard can also be integrated with other collaboration tools like Basecamp and Trello, online storage tools like Google Drive and exported in the form of presentations for effective use for your self and the team. So, may it be for personal use, for work, brainstorming, flexible mind mapping, agile project management, web design iterations or business model generations, this tool is definitely worth a try.

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