A year ago the famous file sharing and uploading website plummeted. Megaupload was a web service used by thousands which provided download access to terra bytes of files. United state’s Government wasn’t too happy about it and they shut it down on countless accounts of copyrights infringement cases. SOPA filed a case against Kim Dotcom, the owner and entrepreneur behind the site – leaving him behind the bars. He got out and charges were dropped against him, he promised that he will come back to the world of file upload and after exactly one year – he is back with a new service, mega.co.nz.


In a nutshell, mega services are exactly similar to that of Dropbox or Google drive. It even provides simple drag and drop interface which will save you tons of time. A free option will give you a hefty 50GB of space – there will be several paid tiers as well which will be available for

At its core, Mega will provide cloud service storage in the same way as similar providers like Dropbox and Google Drive.

While there will be a free option, there will also be several paid tiers available for €9.99 , €19.99 and €29.99. Those prices will give you the freedom to 500GB, 2TB and 4TB storage options. Like before, you can also download a desktop client which will make the process whole lot sufficient.

What holds in the future of Mega.co.nz

Mega.co.nz is moving in the right direction. Starting off where it left the process, the uploading service is only the start according to kim. The developers at mega have an ambitious plan to introduce it’s own API and user to user instant chat options. A mobile API and feture list was also revealed making the news even more exciting.

Additionally, there are plans to introduce Office like options which includes creating documents and spreadsheets. This is a smart move since Microsoft office till now had been the only option.

Source: Mega.co.nz