Its official, Microsoft has pulled the plug on Windows live messenger aka msn messenger and will begin migrating to Skype which is owned by Microsoft themselves. Windows live services will be completely shuttered starting 2013, which is appropriate, I mean why would a company spend millions of dollars on two platforms providing the same service? And to be honest, the overall experience provided by Live messenger is way too complicated and this could be a good initiative. The reliability factor is where all users might not agree with Skype, for instance on Mac OS, where the Skype service is extremely unreliable. Hopefully, the update will bring fixes for that as well.

We must remember that msn messenger was born in the early 90’s when there was no DSL internet; there were no phones or tablets. In those times, it probably was the best source of communication. But now, things and priorities have changed; I for one barely use these services. At work, we are usually logged in on Skype, which provides a clean and easy to manage interface. So, ending the era of live messenger isn’t particularly a bad thing and we could benefit for it all along.

How to Migrate

Skype is fairly popular, having applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian, it is the most used application. So how can Microsoft integrate a whole new feature without disrupting the current functionality? The answer is simple, an update. The new version of Skype i.e. 5.11 which is currently is in beta stages will bring this change. To view you live contacts, just log into Skype using live account and voila, your contacts will be there.

So, just install the latest version and open it:

If you have both Skype and Windows account you can merge them:

Login and your merged contacts will appear:

Pictures source Skype 


You can try the Skype beta for your self for here: Windows|Mac OS

You can download Skype for Android, iOS and Black berry as well: Android | iOS | Blackberry