imageMicrosoft has announced an extension for IIS that is SEO Toolkit. SEO Toolkit provides the ease of Search Engine Optimization for your IIS hosted web apps. This Toolkit gives you a clear vision of what is happening with the SEO of your website and how you can manage to make it better. It helps you to make your site more search engine friendly.

With SEO Toolkit extension you can view the site analysis, manage sitemaps & sitemap indexes and manage the content of robot.txt file.

The ‘Site Analysis’ in SEO Toolkit works like a search engine crawler that crawls your website and generates site analysis report. It points out all the problems related to SEO your site has. It’s like Google Webmaster tools but more friendly and powerful. Not only it tells you how can you resolve the problems with your SEO but also marks up the performance issues. Developers can also extend it’s functionality.

According to Scott Guthrie (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft)

"The free SEO Toolkit analyzer helps you increase traffic and visitors to your site, and as a result can increase the revenue you directly or indirectly make through your website

Visit SEO Toolkit page and know more.