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by on August 28th, 2013

Much awaited Google’s tablet, the Nexus 7 2013 is out now for sale in US, UK and beyond with a price tag which as surprise many of us. It seems Google has planned to remain in the friendly pond in terms of price for its users after the decision to decrease the prices of its Nexus 4 smart phone globally. You can get your hands to the new next generation Tegra Quad Core Tab in just $229(excluding taxes) but if you are living in Asia Pacific, prices may vary keeping in view the native custom polices.

Enough with the pricing now lets come to the actual juice, the real device.


by on August 27th, 2013

Facebook has announced a new dazzling feature, now you can make “shared photo albums” in which you can upload up to 200 photos and share them with people called “contributors” in this project. You can make things more interesting my tagging people other than contributors and make them visible for all the friends, etc. This new launch is the perfect depiction of the productivity of Facebook’s famous Hackathon, a competition oriented program of Facebook  during which its employees leave every official stuff and deadlines aside and dwell into world of on-scratch productions and brainstorming to come up to with new ideas. During the recent hackathon, Facebook’s engineer frazzled his mind and came up to with frenzy of photo sharing feature that is officially a Facebook feature now


facebook feature


by on August 27th, 2013

Are you a couch sticky creature who doesn’t like to move an inch for some useless home chores like turning off fans and controlling other devices ? Here a juicy news for you, Dutch hardware design company Enblink is going to launch a USB Dongle next month that turns Google TV into home automation systems using which you can control the lighting, check their security system or access IP cameras straight from their TV. Not only this, there is an Android companion app that will be launched with the Dongle which will make your Smart phone a remote through which you can turn on/off, control  the Enblink enable devices which are enabled through Z-Wave, a subscription based Radio signal service.  So how this magic works? Enblink basically uses the relayed services based on Cloud of Amazon, when the user puts a query , it goes to the Amazon relayed services and it is leveraged and results comes to the Enblink connected device.



by on August 26th, 2013

Who’s unaware of the smoky and gleamy feeling when your cell phone battery is drainining and you don't have any sport for charging, no place to plug in the wire of your charger and start the process that can look like ages when you are  aching for each and every percent of battery life to stay connected to the world. Well, you should pray for the Jeffrey Magani, the owner of the company “ChargeAll” which is planning to start a charging service free of cords and wires. You will be able to charge your mobile by placing it in a special vicinity with a freedom to move. This facility will be implanted in public places, 7Elevens, fast-food restaurants, and shopping malls and imagines business-savvy companies. The specially designed places for on the go charging as known as “kiosks” with bins that hold mobile devices and charge them, without requiring cords.

wireless charging


by on August 23rd, 2013

Planning a trip? Need a tech smart phone app that lets plan, synch, schedule, map your trip ? Xing is the best choice here , a travel app for iPhone  that has been winning awards in cloud company Evernote's developer contests, but now regular travelers and users can also use this app and  can give it a spin. It's for taking notes and planning trips, synchronizing everything with Evernote's servers, and the app will make you see the pop up reminders, plan, tags, suggestions when you reach specified locations by checking the location from the mapping functionality of your device



by on August 23rd, 2013

Apple has made a latest update to the famous “Find My iPhone” app that  has worried majority of the users so you must rethink before you hit “Update” for this app because you will not be able to use it if you don't have the registered  developer credentials with the App Store. Isn't this teasing ? moreover, Find My iPhone app seems to have been pushed out a little early because Apple seems to have copy pasted the IOS 7 aesthetics and themes in this app so if you have developer credentials and want to enjoy IOS 7 looks, the latest update must be juicy for you. For the non developers( we don't mean dumbs here, of course) users, the time might not be  right to update the app because it   also locks out users on iOS 6 who don’t have a registered developer account or iOS 7 installed and configured on one of their devices with their iCloud account.



by on August 22nd, 2013

The wait period has ended and Google has finally received the customer’s feedback with value and launched useful new features related to travel and TV services for its rapidly growing outlet Google Now. You can no search for rental cars, shops, restaurants in a place strange to you while on the move for some trip. You can track the new events taking place around you including the real-time NCAA football scores updates right on your mobile form the web irrespective  of your location.



by on August 21st, 2013

Tired off posting and reporting bugs to Facebook White hat team and receiving no reply or appreciation at least ? Try out exploiting the bug and hitting the roots of the biggest social media outlets because that works ! at least for now because a  Palestinian security researcher who was constantly reporting a bug to Facebook white hat team, on not getting a reply used this bug against none other than Mark Zuckerberg. Yes ! one fine morning people noticed these words on the social media founder Mark saying “I has no other choice to make after all the reports I sent to Facebook team”. Within a minute , the account of Khalil Shreateh, the Palestinian security experts was suspended and the Facebook authorities were swift enough to contact him to “explain the details” of the exploit with an apology for the late responsive behavior. 




by on August 21st, 2013

Good news from the GPU world as some random crackerjack has shown his facile capacities and converted the famous GPU GTX 690 into a fully working Quadro K5000 graphics card. Some moderate level hardware adjustments and there you are , your computer will show Quadro K5000 in the Nvidia server settings.

quadro gpu


by on August 20th, 2013

Who’s unaware of the colossal importance of HTML 5 in the modern mobile development paradigms. Be it the designing of responsive websites, integration of responsive layouts  in the legacy systems, scratch development of on the go mobile apps, HTML5 has been the talk of the town for quite a long time now. With plethora of drag drop customer softwares that let the developers to produce the masterpieces at ease, market is being flooded with software applications that can elevate the productivity of the HTML5 development and remove all the significant hindrances in what we call , agile development of apps. Oracle, being the leader in the computing world has braced itself up for something “out of the way” and launched something that's being perceived as a game changer, a BI (business intelligence) mobile app designer for HTML5 apps which is integrable within the browsers and lets you enjoy the amalgamated mash of graphs, tables and other types of data for the development of mobile apps which can facilitate the enterprise and individuals “in the lines of business” as Oracle touted in the inauguration ceremony held on Monday, 19th of August.


by on August 19th, 2013

It seems the “internal sources” have been accessing the much touted and awaited  i-Phone 5S’s features as the latest leak(with pictures) has illustrated a detailed view of the device which testifies the expectations of the masses as far as the outlook is concerned. But the news here is that iPhone 5 is going to have finger print scanner that will allow the users to put their  finer in front of the camera and use it as a security tool in multifarious locations and domains. The famous leaker for the up coming devices, a French outlet known as Nowhere has released a series of pictures that clearly shows a cut out area near the home button of the i-Phone 5S. There is an extra cushion near the home button below the side for the hold in which there is a bulge which is normally used for finger print access control mechanism hardware control kit. Apple has been planning to integrate the finger print accessing and checking systems in its devices( both phones and laptops) since long as it bought AuthenTec for $356 million, a comprehensive state of the art systems equipped with motion sensors and other motion detecting devices. 

phone 1


by on August 12th, 2013


Configuring and initializing Android Build Environment in Ubuntu 13.04 has been posing a lot of problems and complexities for most of the developers. Configuring Raring Ring tails with Ubuntu 13.0.4 is a task requiring much efforts from the user ends because of the tricky aosp pages where the information if either outdated or incorrect so a developers are taking it hard on to the Android open source development teams around the world to do something about this. In this article, we will tell you about the simplest guide through which you can configure Ubuntu 13.0.4 raring ringtail and compile Android ROMs easily. This guide is perfectly compatible with 12.04 LTS and above. As for the pre-reqs, everything explained in the guide is applicable to Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail 64 bit and NOT 32 bit. You’ll end up ruining your ROM if you try this on 32 bit OS. The guide involves code snippets which must be used with great attention and care. Lookout for the keywords like “sudo”!. You must not change their place or case to avoid issues.

by on August 12th, 2013

Google Chrome Cast is the talk of the town, a brand new gadget recently revealed by the computing giant which lets you stream  media directly form the cloud and broadcast channels on your computer and the game changing factors is the price ! only 35$ and you can enjoy  online cloud based streaming anywhere. As the chrome cast dongles hits the market, many developers are digging ways to exploit the full power of this colossal cloud gadget and CheapCast is a stepping stone in the series, an open source Android App that lets you emulate the Chrome Cast on multiple machines and mobile devices. Using this app , if you don't have the USB plug-in port for the mobile device, you can emulate the Chrome cast by turning the cheap casting on.

cheap cast

by on August 12th, 2013

Ever felt sinking with panic and plummet after a long drive and  finding yourselves  unable to find door keys in your pockets? Well, everyone of us has this raunchy and cruddy feeling so did Greg Marsh, founder of a new massively useful iOS app, which will allow you to produce a duplicate key by using the true power of cloud computing without exhausting yourselves at locksmiths and finding sledge hammers for breaking the doors.  The application called “KeyMe” takes the  key images from different angles which  can be used to create physical copies at locksmiths and KeyMe kiosks.



by on August 1st, 2013

Smart phones have made the life easy by serving the contemporary needs in the practical corporate world. You can network with friends, peers, family, view docs, save tons of data within a scrubby and minute device. Synching the data over the web and within your device is a colossal feature of modern computing which depletes the need of storing the information repeatedly. You can store, import, export all the contacts, information and data by synching between different platforms like synching the Gmail contacts with your phone. In this article we will tell you how you can synch your Google account with Galaxy Nexus. You must synch the Google account with your device to avoid any hustle and teases. Synching your device with the Google account will let you enjoy the same organized Google docs, customized calendars, memos, etc with your device.