Ever wondered where those amazing website backgrounds, slides in impressive presentations and posters come from? If you look deeper into the picture, you’ll realize that most professional bloggers and creative designers rely on Stock Photos and other sources to make their work more realistic and appealing to the common man. There are tens of websites that offer stock photos, vectors and images ready for use, but they require some form of monetary investment. There are some platform that offer you a subscription package after which you can access and download photos you like in multiple high resolution sizes while there are others that charge you for each image depending on the provider. Most amateur bloggers, even after finding out the key, leave it unused due to the price points. There is no doubt, that if you get quality you surely get the return on investment if done in the right way but if you’re bent upon accessing stock photos in a legal way, Photo Pin equips you with a rich collection of photos for both bloggers and creative designers alike. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to add in the secret ingredient and bring life to your work.

Apparently, it is much easier to search for images on Google and then right click and save them in a folder on your desktop to use it whenever the need arises. Looking at this objectively, the flaw in this method is evident. Did you ask the image creator for permission to use it in your work? Did you research on the usage rights before employing such resources? Would you want others to do the same with your work? So, if you’ve decided to do things the right way, there’s always a path that fulfills your need. Photo Pin is an impressive platform that allows you to browse through its extensive image database and pick the one you need, for download. There are no strings attached, here. Entry to this tool is simple, just type in the keyword or category of interest in the prominent search bar on the homepage. You will soon reach a collection of free photos that can be sorted according to popularity, date added and categories. Click on one or select multiple images, then identify the resolution or dimension of the image and voila! you are ready to transform your creative work for good.

Photo Pin  Free Photos for Bloggers

There are many other stock photo websites out there, which ones do you use? Let us know by voicing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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