Before we get onto the real subject of this post, let us first analyze why the title of this post includes the word, ‘innovative’. Brilliant ideas come to us in a specific environment and a welcoming mindset, correct? So, may it be photo editing or any other task, the most important thing is the environment and the facilitative tools available at hand. Imagine sitting on a cluttered desk, with everything but the needed resources available at an arm’s length, what will happen? Your mind will get stressed and frustrated as you frantically look for the particular information and tools needed to successfully complete the task at hand. PicMonkey is an easy to use online photo-editing application that is geared towards innovation by providing a clean, feature rich environment ready to transform your ideas to reality using mere images.

Why would you use an online photo editing tool? First, it is understandable that you require a minor fix to your image or on the contrary, you struggle with the professional mainstream photo editing tools based on the skillsets required. In addition, creating online photo galleries and collages can also be another incentive in dealing with photo editing online. So, PicMonkey’s main web page is self explanatory, although at a first glance, one might get confused since there are no traditional buttons in sight. As you randomly search for the real buttons that are basically italic text highlighting functions throughout the main page, you will settle in well with the feature set and the overall use. You must then decide on the purpose of the experience using this utility. After choosing the goal (either Edit a photo or Create a collage), you can begin by dragging and dropping relevant images onto the specific function. The innocent looking text will transform itself to a drag-drop box where you can manage your images, for good.


For a better online experience, we suggest creating an account on PicMonkey (although No registration is required) but this will help you in keeping track and saving work for later use. All in all, PhotoMonkey is a useful online utility that is specifically addressed for basic users or those of you who need a quick fix solution to your images either by applying amazing effects, creating photo-rich professional looking collages or photo galleries for better management and presentation of your memories. Give it a try and share your experience with us!

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