Are you running a small business or planning to start a venture? Behind the effect, there is always a cause or a need existing in the society that has been left unfulfilled. Running a small business has three broad aspects: getting the word across (may it be word of mouth, web or multimedia adverts, and other ATL/BTL marketing means). Simply put, promoting your business is a must so that your target market gets to know of the services your initiative is providing, then comes the interaction stage (how can customers actually benefit from the services). In case of tangible services (like hairdressing, therapy, and the like), the primary focus is usually on scheduling and appointments while keeping track of the meetings in a manner that a first interaction and a follow-up appointment is differentiated. In return, you must also require a payment mechanism with the option of either paying you online for your work or paying on spot. To sum it up, BookedIN is an all-in-one solution that makes life easier in terms of managing small-scale businesses by allowing you to promote your business, schedule regular appointments and payment handling. In addition, you can integrate the utility with your website or Facebook page.

With regards to promoting your business, BookedIN maintains a directory or listing of business webpages that are easily searchable through popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing and more. Potential customers can directly land on to your business webpage and cut down the chase by viewing the services you offer and opting for them. You can highlight the daily schedule you follow so that only your free time slots get booked and there is no conflict between appointments. To make matters simpler, BookedIN easily integrates with your Facebook page through its Facebook App, your browser as a Chrome Extension and also with your webpage so that you don’t have to duplicate the efforts. To help you address the growing demand, the utility is fully equipped with online scheduling features that allow you to maintain a personal calendar and change availability timings as and when necessary.


The Sign Up process is simple and quick so that you get down to business, instantly. In addition, useful features like payment processing (with flexible payment options), Reminders, Client Database and other security benefits make BookedIN a very useful web application. BookedIN is available for use as a web application, Facebook app and a Chrome extension.

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