Every once in a while you may end up realizing that the installed programs list on your computer needs a cleansing operation. It is well-known that your system performance is highly dependent on the amount of resource consumption may it be hard disk space or memory or both by the applications installed on to your system. While uninstalling you may end up realizing that a third party application did not have an uninstaller in the package and deleting all relevant files would only lead to erroneous registry and slower system performance. In such situations, you require an uninstallation assistant that would eliminate the respective programs and remove all traces of it from the hard disk, registry and the system settings. With IObit Uninstaller, you can easily rid yourself of those undesired toolbars and programs that you have tried your utmost to dispose off. In addition it allows you to re-scan your system to remove any leftovers for good.

IObit is a free utility that is available for downloading and installation. Click the Free Download button on the main web page and quickly go through the installation steps and you’re ready to begin using the application. Upon execution, it scans and presents a list of all installed programs for your ease. Go through the list and identify the ones you think should be removed or it is also possible that an uninstalled programs reveals its existence here, meaning that the prior uninstallation did not completely remove the software from your registry.

IObit Uninstaller, Software Uninstaller, Advanced Uninstaller

You can choose between two different modes of operation: the standard uninstall mode and the advanced mode.  To be on the safer side, it is recommended to enable the Create restore point option before uninstalling the application. As soon as the uninstallation completes, click the Powerful Scan button to rigorously search your system for any leftover entries in the registry or clusters on the hard drive. The results list will allow you to go through and select single or multiple entries that you wish to delete.

Uninstalling_ioBit Uninstaller

The leftover items are presented in an organized manner with the actual program as the root and the location or type as branches of the same tree. If you want to remove all items, click the Select All button on the bottom left of the window followed by delete so that all traces are removed. You can re-scan to confirm the operation outcomes.

Powerful Scan_Uninstaller

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