In case of technical troubleshooting or interactive learning, screen sharing is sometime needed to get the point across in an appropriate manner. For example, if I want a said person to install an application andthen edit the registry with some quick fixes, there are two methods of explaining the method to the other: firstly, by listing each step and documenting the entire procedure. Once this is done, sharing the document through an appropriate channel and then answering any queries before and after the change is made. Within the flow of this process, you may have realized that this is not meant for emergency situations. In those situations, a greater level of involvement is needed in the form of screen sharing and voice instructions. Unfortunately, many of the screen sharing applications require download and installing heavy software that would then share your screen with the other. Skype Screen Sharing is one such example but you can’t video Skype if this feature is in use. Screenleap for Gmail is a Chrome extension that allows you to instantly share your screen from within Gmail and your browser.

Screenleap is available both as an online application or a Chrome extension. In either case, it is completely free and requires no setup or installation that ensures minimal impact on your current computer performance. Click the Add to Chrome button to add this feature to your Google Chrome (it is recommended to keep your browser updated for optimum performance). After restarting your browser, you are ready to use Screenleap for Gmail encouraging you to log in to the email service and ensure successful integration to this utility.  You can also go directly to the Screenleap webpage and click Share your screen now. If you wish to achieve the same using your Gmail account, click the Share screen button immediately below the Compose option. This method can be made more effective by incorporating this feature in Google Talk as well. Another alternative is to use Hovercard contact allowing you to right click on any email ID in the recipient list, and selecting the screen sharing option. A final method  is using Google Chat or the chat window for a better online experience for the better. You can stop screen sharing your screen whenever you need by clicking the Stop Sharing button.

Screenleap for Gmail

In the end, Screenleap for Gmail promise you a greater impact for all those interested in management and leadership.

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