After Yahoo, there's a mass stampede of executives at Google. Some of its top executives already left the company to join startups like Facebook, friendster and the like. Most pointed their finger at the corporate practice that has found its way into a company that once rose to the level of being called the "Most profitable company in US history!". Many insiders think that Google has become too big, leaving little room for techies and enthusiasts alike to enjoy the freedom to bring something bubbling and exciting into the ever changing internet. Maybe because competition has increased, even from companies like cuil, which is a recently launched rival search engine developed by the couple who knew the Google search technology inside out.

The latest top resignation being signed is of Richard Kimber who has joined Friendster to explore, maybe the more-greener-pastures :)

The big question now is : Do these executives, once they leave these giants, take away with them the glitter of the company they're leaving?