Remember the game where you had to control a running character dodge obstacles while collecting coins? Well of course you do. Most of us who own a Smartphone must know about the famous Temple run. It reigned the top charts for games for ages, and now, an updated version named Temple run 2 has been released to take it’s place. With over 170 million downloads of the original title since launch, temple run 2 promises to keep the integrity alive. The good news is that it hadn't been taken over by some other company, no sir. The same development team as before has developed this game and seems as fun to play as the original one.

The new title gets the same infinite runner theme as the bigger brother. With constant trips, jumps, smashes and those awkward crashes the game promises to keep you hocked on. Graphics have received a major update and looks more refined than ever. The best news is that the developers have also pumped up the game play an now you must face new obstacles and heck even roller coasters.

Temple run 2

In the original game there were no levels. You could just increase the power-up’s power and increase the score per coin collect. Things have changed in Temple run 2 and now each character will bare it’s own special ability. Plus, the mazes and the intense obstacles make the game even more exciting. The game also brings a new set of achievements and game center integration for iOS. The game as mentioned above is free to download like the original title. With new interface, refreshed gameplay and more features, we wonder if it will dethrone the original title.

Application is available for almost all iDevices which temple run supported. The game is optimized for iPhone 5 and that extended screen just might help you to view extra obstacles (enter poor joke).

Temple Run 2 Download:

iOS Devices: App Store Link