While multi-tasking at various levels both in the office and at home, it is essential to make the most of your time with little money spent. The challenges of efficiency and effectiveness are dealt by almost every user in the information sector as a plethora of software applications, webpages and notification utilities require effective handling and synchronization. In such a scenario, it is always beneficial to use an automation tool like TimeTask that automates various frequently used aspects of your system applications such as setting reminders & alerts, opening webpages, programs & applications, or power options (like shutting down, restarting, sleep, etc.) and the like. This encourages maximum utilization of your tasks without your efforts needed at the exact moment while ensuring that the task executes at the right time with no financial requirements at all. You can further manage, organize and automate you music playlists to add a flavor to your task organizer.

After a smooth installation experience, TimeTask loads with a simple and sleek interface organized using two tabs: Timers & Music. The Timers tab allows you to create, enable , disable and delete new or existing tasks, while the Music tab allows you to add music from files and folders in categorized playlists ready for an automated execution. The Timers tab is divided into two segments: the Edit sidebar and the Task List. To create a new task, simply select the task name, start & end time, frequency of execution (once, twice, daily, monthly, etc.) in the Edit sidebar. To disable a task, right click on the respective entry in the Task List and click Disable or Delete as per requirement.

TimeTask - Interface

In the Music tab, information is organized in categories on the left and the details on the main workspace. Using the buttons at the top right corner, you can search for music on your system or add files and folders by specifying their paths. The relevant tracks will be added to the specific category while your navigation path for TimeTask is displayed at the top on the toolbar. The Organize sidebar comes with predefined music genres like Pop, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Country, Classical and Dance. Sort your files accordingly and make the best use of your resources.

TimeTask - Music Player

This apparently simple automation utility covers tasks in a comprehensive manner, allowing you to set reminders, open files and webpages, run a program, play music, standby, shutdown, restart, log off and lock your system, automatically by using the respective timeframe specified by you.

TimeTask features

You can change the sound used for the Reminder task or the font size of the message text including the message window position using the Timers tab in the Settings window.

TimeTask Settings

All in all, TimeTask is a light-weight, easy to use application that promises to improve personal efficiency for good. We tested this on Windows 7, 64-bit edition while it supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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